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Life insurance is also recognized as a part of development main stream like banking sector in Bangladesh. It’s directly contributes to the society by reducing unemployment and keeping economic flow. In the year 2013, the Government of Bangladesh approved few more Life Insurance companies to operate their business considering the further development of the Country.

Bangladesh is a high density Muslim populated country. Most the people of the country are eager to survive through interest free income. Keeping focus on it, the Company registered with Joint Stock Company, organized and incorporated as TRUST Islami Life Insurance Limited which will be running by the Sariah law And formed a Sariah Council which consists of country famous Islamic thinker and scholars.

TRUST Islami Life Insurance Limited established mainly through the initiative of a few enthusiastic entrepreneurs of the Country with the vision of collective effort to bring the Bangladeshi citizens in different professions under the Life Insurance coverage. Even more, the Bangladeshi wage earners are also included in the main stream products and insurance coverage called Manpower Insurance.

Country’s prominent businessman and social worker Mr. Mohd. Ataur Rahman Bhuiyan is the current Chairman of the Board of the Directors of the Company.

Corporate Address

Paltan China Town (17th Floor- West Tower)
67/1,  Naya Paltan,  (VIP Road),  Dhaka-1000
+88-02-9349639,   9349507
Help Line: 01878181206

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